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ZO Three-Step Chemical Peel

What is the ZO Three Step Chemical Peel?

The Zo 3-Step Peel is a powerfully effective method of treating fine lines, sun damage, dull skin, Melasma, acne, and uneven texture concerns.  It is safe and effective for all skin types and has been demonstrated to have some of the most effective and long-lasting results in the industry.
ZO 3 – Step Peel is an innovative, in-office treatment peel followed by an at-home treatment to combat the signs of aging + skin discoloration.
The treatment utilizes a blend of
exfoliants, retinol and multi-action agents to help improve skin health and treat many signs of aging. The special formulation provides antioxidant protection as well as anti-irritant benefits.


  • Must be on a medical-grade retinol for six weeks prior to the peel (We carry ZO medical grade retinols at THE GLOW UP.)

  • You will experience peeling on day 2 or 3 through days 7-10. 

  • Avoid going outside or being in the sun, strenuous exercise while your skin is healing.

  • Best results are yielded from 3 peels, spaced out every 4-6 weeks.




ZO Ossential Stimulator Peel
aka "The Lunch-Time Peel"

ZO Ossential Stimulator Peel is a quick and easy treatment that can be done within your lunch hour to miraculously smooth away fine to moderate lines and wrinkles, acne, age spots, uneven pigmentation and rough skin texture.

The Ossential Stimulator Peel is designed by Dr. Obagi and his team at ZO Skin Health to exfoliate the skin by stimulating cellular turnover to improve skin tone, texture and clarity. The advantage of this peel is no downtime, peeling or redness afterwards; just glowing, healthy skin. This peel is affectionately known as the "Lunch-time Peel" or the “Red Carpet Peel” for the many celebrities that utilize it before red carpet events, without the distraction of flaking skin that comes with a traditional peel.

Ossential is gentle on the skin but strong enough to make a visible difference, brightening and refreshing the face for a youthful, dewy look.

This peel contains 3 different acids to exfoliate your skin and promote cell turnover; with 10% Salicylic Acid, 10% Lactic Acid and 10% Citric Acid. These are known as AHA or Alpha Hydroxy acids – they remove dead skin cells and provide an incredible exfoliation to the top layers of the skin. The salicylic acid works on oily, acne prone skin, and the citric acid gives the skin a gorgeous, healthy glow.

You will experience the glowing results with just one peel, however maximum benefits can be achieved with a series of three to four peels carried out at one to two week intervals.

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